Educators and Scholars

English Language Program

We are in need of materials for a systematic instruction program that will help to strengthen the community and provide much greater opportunities.  The small community (about 100 students from kindergarten to secondary school) has virtually no ability to teach English to enable children to expand their experience beyond the local area.  Please consider helping collaborate to develop the materials.

Environmental Education

For learners of all ages

For teachers, a course in Amazon Culture and the Rainforest is offered onsite in Perú each July.  This summer’s course takes place from July 15-22, 2015 and can be taken for undergraduate, graduate or continuing education credit.  It is open to teachers of every grade level in any subject, as well as friends and colleagues.  Most participants also extend their South America trip to Machu Picchu and beyond.  For more info visit

Hands-on Amazon for Educators

TREE reaches out to schools and universities for collaborative projects.  Coming up: an activity book for children in the Amazon!  Let us know if you or your students want to contribute with a drawing, puzzle or activity.  Perhaps your elementary students want to sponsor a tree, or read Lynne Cherry’s The Great Kapok Tree, and then plant one!  Maybe your children want to connect with their counterparts living a rainforest life or learn more about the creatures?  More advanced students and AP classes can explore academic angles of the rainforest.  If you have an idea or proposal, let’s talk!  [ ]


Project Amazonas ( maintains three field stations, each with significant areas of primary rainforest in the Peruvian Upper Amazon.  The sites are frequented by world-class scientists and researchers as well as amateur herpetologists, fish collectors, and botanists.   Let us know if you’re a graduate student, Ph.D., or other aspiring learner who needs a place to experience the Amazon Rainforest.

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