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TREE welcomes two new members

This spring (2012), The Reforestation and Environmental Education Committee of Project Amazonas welcomed two new members: Rebecca Honeycutt and Robin Van Loon.

Rebecca Honeycutt is Program Coordinator at Riverworks Sturgeon City, a civic and environmental education center formed in the footprint of the city’s former wastewater treatment plant near Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA.  Riverworks is the focus of a community’s commitment to learn from the past to inspire young people to promote positive change.  It does so with the backdrop of a successful bioremediation program, restored bay and river habitats, inspired youth, ongoing applied research and real world applications of science.  At Riverworks, Rebecca focuses on youth leadership, civic involvement, habitat restoration and environmental education and stewardship in programs that will reach approximately 7,500 individuals this year and beyond.  Her love of the rainforest developed after extensive travel in South America and she works to bring common issues of environment and global water quality to her programming at Riverworks.

Robin Van Loon, a Massachusetts native, has lived in Peru since 2002, arriving in the Peruvian Amazon two years later.  His time spent with indigenous communities and experience in tropical agro-forestry and sustainable habitat design led him to create Camino Verde, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees in Tambopata, Peru, and elsewhere.  Robin has served as a reforestation consultant in many regions of Peru and has personally planted over 10,000 trees, representing 250 species.

Through research and personal experience, Robin has identified the agricultural and ethnological uses of hundreds of species and has created an impressive database of trees.  This has been very useful in planning to restore the natural balance to degraded rainforest on sites maintained by Project Amazonas.

TREE is now looking to collaborate with educators of all types: public or private school, outdoor / environmental education, informal educators, or others who have a passion for the rainforest and its preservation.  Maybe you have a unique project you’d like to do with your students or colleagues, or better yet, can find an opportunity to visit the Upper Amazon…

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