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A couple of Amazon Folk Legends

Some Amazon Folk Legends

as represented in Nauta, Loreto Perú

(Click on the pictures to read the Spanish text)

Las Amazonas (The Amazons)

A group of warlike women visited by Fransicso de Orellana when he discovered [sic] the Amazon.  They say that these women were as tall as any man and that sporadically once a year they mated with men of neighboring tribes.  If the child was a male, he was returned to the father to be sacrificed.  It was the custom of women to amputate the right breast to facilitate the precision of firing an arrow from a bow.


The Ayaymama

Tells of two children who were abandoned in the jungle by their stepmother and father pretending to go on an excursion.  The lost children were transformed into little birds, and one night during a full moon, they flew to the roof of their house and let out their song: Ayaymama… ayaymama… Our mother has died and abandoned us.


El Bufeo Colorado (The Pink Dolphin)

The pink dolphin of the Amazon that can transform itself into a “gringo” (white) appealing to young women.  This vision would appear at fiestas to choose a girl to love and visit at night.  If not discovered in time, he steals the girl and brings her to the bottom of the river never to return again.


The Chullachaqui

The small devilish goblin can morph into the form of any person or animal to capture a new victim and lose it in the forest.   If you get lost in the jungle and casually encounter a dear being, you have to be cautious and look at its left foot, which has the form of a goat’s hoof or a human foot turned backwards.


A few more pictures from the wall at Nauta