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A few recent photos of fauna and flora

In the scale of the vast Amazon basin, the area of the reserve at Santa Cruz is a virtual pinhead. Yet, due to the encroaching development and pressures from the poaching of bushmeat and illegal logging, it has become a safe haven, a veritable hot spot of biodiversity. In January 2015, a rare frog, previously seen only in primary forest in Ecuador was found for the first time in Perú on the Santa Cruz site. Discovered by Marisa Ai Ishimatsu, on previously developed land, and fetched by our multi-talented Emerson Torres, the difficult work of identifying and verifying the species, Pristimantis orphnolaemus, was the result of world-class herpetologists including Dick Bartlett and Kenny Wray. Kenny and his family are spending ten months on the site, as he continues post-doctoral research.

Pristimantis orphnolaemus, first sighting in the country of Perú.

Pristimantis orphnolaemus, first sighting in the country of Perú

Here are some more photos taken by volunteers in the last couple of months.  Wherever possible, the reptiles and amphibians have be ID’d by world-class guru of herpetology, Dick Bartlett.


Rather large larvae of an unidentified ground beetle


One of the many phases of the velvety swamp snake, Liophis typhlus, They can be orange, gray, tan, olive-gree, leaf green, or other hues.


Bufo margaritifer, crested forest toad, immature


Bufo margaritifer, crested forest toad


Young Imantodes cenchoa, blunt-headed tree snake


Dipsas sp., possibly the rarely seen Dipsas pavonina, a snail eating snake.


Plica plica, common tree runner


Anolis (probably nitens (forest anole) but possbily bombiceps (blue-lipped anole))


Beautifully camouflaged beetle on heliconia flower.


Leaf mimic soaking up minerals from drop of sweat.


Giant monkey frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor. These things can get really big.


Land planarian


Scorpions are among the most successful species on Earth. Here, the smaller they are, the more they hurt.


Skink eggs?

PATMoths PATPl01 PATSpider PATSpiderEggs