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  1. Posted by Carla on March 4, 2012 at 22:00

    Hello Don,

    Welcome to the Heliconia Society and the Lobsterclaw discussion group!

    I was in your part of the world a few years ago with Devon Graham aboard the Tucunare, and saw your heliconias in their habitat – a real treat for the group of us who were in Iquitos for the HSI conference.

    Here are my IDs for your photos:

    986 and 601 H. chartacea
    644 and 626 H. lasiorachis
    643 and 638 H. schumanniana
    631 H. standleyii
    628 H. irrasa
    606 H. hirsuta
    595 H. velutina
    594 and 592 H. orthotricha
    565 Canna sp.

    In your acquired plants, the beefy H. psitts are hybrids of H. psittacorum x H. spathocircinata, and the Etlingera is E. elatior.

    The Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico website is authoritative on species and cultivar names:

    Pass on your website and request for comments to the Lobsterclaw group to gather a consensus on the species IDs.

    Best wishes for your project in the Amazon,


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