The next general volunteer opportunity at the Santa Cruz Field Site begins June 20, 2019. We are looking for people with specific skills (ESL, medical, GPS mapping, botany or other scientific field, data / computer, construction), or have high-intermediate to advanced Spanish language ability.


To apply for a volunteer position, please fill out this brief  Volunteer Questionnaire and send a CV / résumé to don@projectamazonas.org


Download some useful documents (these are a little outdated, a good starting point, though).



We are also seeking a field manager who can serve for for a minimum of three months (intermediate+ Spanish required). This can be combined with a research program / advanced study.


Field sites are available for residential short or long term research.  Medical students and doctors should visit the Project Amazonas main site.

Contact   don@projectamazonas.org

Update March 2016

Two more excellent volunteer groups from South Africa, Cyprus, Spain and the United States joined us in December and February. Names, pictures and details coming…

Update October 2015


A quick note of appreciation to the many volunteers who passed through the Santa Cruz field site and community recently.

February 2015: Dan Curran, USA and Fukiko Nakamura, Japan planted and maintained hundreds of seedlings.  Dan’s green thumb was very handy in treating the delicate roots of transplants and most have taken to the ground.


Dan and Fuki on the Amazon

In April, Project Amazonas was pleased to present the Santa Cruz  school with two white boards funded by last year’s Hands-on Amazon Course.  The purchase was made through a donation from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Louisiana under the leadership of teachers Stephanie Gray, Kathy Brannan and Joey Hernandez. Go Saints!


The old boards in the secondary school made of rolled bark.


Youngsters baptizing the boards

June – July 2015: Dylan Dickens and Alex Haer, USA, from the Nourish International Chapter at Rice University (Texas).  Working with our own Emerson Torres, they installed a solar power system, improved the sanitation infrastructure (such as actually having running water to the toilets) and built bridges at the field site.

Dylan and Alex working on the water tower (or so pretending).

Dylan and Alex working on the water tower (or so pretending).

July – August 2015: Theodor Borrmann, Germany, Owen Hicks, Great Britain and Barbara Giner, Spain.  Another amazing group construction of bridges, planting and transplanting trees and mapping trails.  Local children quickly developed a heartfelt connection with the volunteers and visited daily for tutoring and mentoring, swimming and sports. Owen (just short of his M.D. credentials, also provided medical care. The trio were not adverse to hard work lugging lumber through the forest and mapping trails.


Theodor and Owen transporting plants on our new kayaks.


Barbara instructing on dental hygiene.


Great group from 2014 – Kaspar, Shauna, Chad, George and Ariana.

Update February 26, 2014

February’s group of six volunteers from the USA, Germany and Switzerland is winding down this week.  A lot was accomplished!

Volunteers are sought for the Santa Cruz field station starting April 6, 2014.   We will be starting seeds of legacy and over-harvested trees as well as on working on sustainable gardens planting local staples (pineapples, bananas, yuca, sugar cane, etc.) and medicinal plants.   Anyone interested can also help mark trails and finish the installation of solar panels and wiring.

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